What sort of image do you project?

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Slide What sort of image do you project? Dec 15, 2020 | 1 min read

The image you project is important and it has to match what your customers would expect. If you want the world to see that you offer a superior service then a recent model of executive car parked outside your office is just the ticket as it exudes success and people like to associate with success. Likewise,if you are pitching to high value clients you’ll need office décor and a wardrobe to suit.

These things are of course subjective and in some cultures or industries money spent on luxury items cuts no mustard with customers but the main point is that you need to consider how you look to somebody who may not know you and will make the judgment partly based on what they see – it’s human nature. At the very least a clean and tidy office and clean fresh clothes could make all difference to converting a prospect or losing them. Similarly, take care with timekeeping – people do not like to be kept waiting and it tells people you are sloppy.

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